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mintopoly money (MM) token

Mintopoly Money (MM) is the Ethereum-based (ERC-20) cryptocurrency that forms the backbone of the Mintopoly ecosystem. It features a capped supply of 100 million tokens and is located on ETH and Polygon at the following contract address: 0xf6a09deadf5a10aa7822d95e3228b2315de8f6fa

Exchange MM for Encryption Keys

Use this tool to exchange your Polygon-based Mintopoly Money tokens for Encryption Keys that can be spent on the in-game "dark web store" to gain boosts for yourself or attacks on your opponents! Keys cost 20 MM each and cannot be refunded, sold, or traded.

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MM token FAQ

The best way to acquire Mintopoly Money is to earn it by playing the game. Unique to the crypto gaming world, over 50% (50 million) of these tokens are distributed freely to the top players of the game – making the game itself an innovative way to distribute tokens to the project’s community.

Token trading is available via an MM/WETH or MM/MATIC pair found on the decentralized exchange, SushiSwap. Purchase tokens here: MATIC/MM Pool on SushiSwap.

Mintopoly Money is designed to power not only the blockchain simulator game, but the larger ecosystem for this project. Specifically, we have four types of intended uses for the token:

In-Game Boosts - Use the token directly in the game to purchase boost & power-ups for yourself and even sabotages against other players.

NFT Card Purchases - Our smart contract provides for 4,000 special-edition NFT Mintopoly cards to be purchased exclusively with MM, get yours here.

The Larger Mintoverse - Use your MM to purchase the resources you need in order to play the land-based portion of the Mintoverse, the Mintopoly Moon.

Governance - Our vision is to move torwards a community-driven future where token holders can help chart the course of the game's direction by voting on various topics provided by the development team.

Mintopoly! Money has a capped supply of 100 million tokens. For the first 50 rounds (ended approx. July 2022), 1 million tokens were distributed to the top (X00) finishers of each round!

Initial Token Distribution (100 million total supply)
50% – Distribution to players throughout the first 50 rounds
15% – Team and Advisors
15% – Development and Marketing
10% – Reserves and Private Sales
10% – Liquidity pool and liquidity incentives (see below)

Beyond the first 50 rounds, distributions continue at lower rates per round. As tokens are used for game purchases (such as NFT Cards or in-game transactions), these tokens are returned to the contract originator and can be re-distributed for further airdrops.

In addition, we may perform token buy-backs on public liquidity pools using a portion of NFT card sales. This would have the dual intention of 1) re-distributing the game’s earnings to the community of holders, and 2) recycling additional tokens for further gameplay distributions.

Liquidity Pool Incentives
While any token owner can create a liquidity pool a decentralized exchange at any time, we expect to take the lead on this front, establishing a liquidity pool on UniSwap to serve as the official swap for the mintoverse. To support a deep and liquid exchange, we are likely to simultaneously introduce an incentive program that will provide daily rewards of MM split across all liquidity providers. Details on this program will be provided closer to launch.

Mintopoly! Money is an Ethereum-based token. That makes it highly secure and flexible, but it also means that gas fees are prohibitively high for most transactions. To address this, we created a layer 2 token on the Polygon network to enable secure, decentralized, lightning-fast transactions that cost a fraction of a cent – all while retaining access to the root Ethereum tokens.

This is a HUGE step for the game, because it allows us to quickly send airdrops directly from the vault to hundreds of players instantly. It also promotes a quicker (and cheaper to operate) environment that facilitates the in-game transactions.

When the MM tokens are moved from Ethereum into the Polygon bridge, the original Ethereum-based tokens are safely locked up and the same amount of new Polygon-based tokens are minted.

When the owner wants to withdraw their tokens back to the Ethereum mainnet, the Polygon tokens are burned and the same amount of Ethereum tokens are unlocked and returned to the owner. Owners can move their funds between Ethereum and Polygon at will.

The top of this page will show your current balance for both mainnet tokens and polygon bridged tokens available. Transactions to / from the bridge can be preformed on the official Polygon bridge. Simply connect your wallet and select Mintopoly Money from the dropdown – NOTE: be aware that ETH gas fees will be required to move funds across the bridge in either direction.

In order to withdraw from Polygon, you'll need to add the Polygon network to your wallet. Here's the details on how to do that in MetaMask, but the process is similar in other wallets.

Open MetaMask and navigate to settings > Networks > Add Network and enter the following details:

Network Name: Polygon
New RPC Url:
Chain ID: 137
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

Done! Whenever you need to transact on Polygon, such as transferring within the network or withdrawing back to Ethereum) you'll need to switch to this network (the wallet will prompt you to do so when needed).

In order to transfer tokens within the Polygon network (i.e. to send to a friend or to make an in-game purchase), you'll need MATIC tokens to pay the gas fees. Currently, 0.01 MATIC (a USD value of a faction of one cent) is enough for multiple transactions. You can get this small amount of MATIC for free from the following faucets: