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Mintopoly Card Vending Machine

Use this dapp to purchase Mintopoly Cards - the NFTs that provide power-ups within the game! There are currently 11 types of cards and this self-serve vending machine allows you to purchase single cards of each type, as well as packs with randomly-chosen cards (all unique types). Pack purchases also come with a 1% chance of recieving a super-rare 1/1 founder's edition card for each card purchased!

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About Mintopoly Cards

Mintopoly! Cards are blockchain-based NFTs (technically ERC1155 tokens) at the heart of Mintopoly.

There are currently two ways to purchase Mintopoly Cards – the "vending machine" above allows you to connect with our smart contract to instantly receive individual cards or packs of cards. In addition, the Mintopoly collection on has cards available. Using the vending machine has a number of advantages: 1) gas fees are significantly cheaper, 2) prices are typically lowest and fully support development of the game, and 3) pack purchases have a 1% chance per card of receiving a very rare and powerful founder's edition card.

Each card provides unique gameplay boosts – increasing earnings or decreasing cost of a certain investment, providing extra starting capital, providing extra earnings per block, even boosting total net worth. Plus, the cards reduce the cost of unlocking the investment tier they represent by 25% (35% for founder's cards) – providing crucial early access to these higher-level investments.

Cards are being minted in small editions of 20-30, but written into the smart contract are constraints that guarantee two facts: i) no card can have an edition size greater than 30 (other than #1 – Mintopolist – which has 50) and ii there can never be more than 12,000 of these base Mintopoly! cards minted in total – making them scarce and collectible.

Key Facts of Mintopoly! Cards:

  • There are 12 types of cards and each one provides a different type of boost (see all below)
  • Players can only have one card of each type active in any given round.
  • If you own more than one of any card of a type, the game will automatically activate the most valuable one before you begin playing.
  • In order for a card to apply to a given round, they must be owned by your account before you first login to play that round. Cards purchased/added once you have started playing will not apply until the next round.
  • Several "promo" Mintopoly! Cards exist (distinguished by a light grey BG). These are non-NFT, non-tradable cards given to players for special occasions. They typically have smaller bonuses than the true NFT Mintopoly! Cards. NOTE: we recently launched our player achievement program where you can earn more promo cards for completing challenges in game. View your profile to see all available challenges!



Unique Cards: 1Editions Size: 50

This ultra-rare card is given as a prize to the winners of each round. Its function is to boost the earnings of all investment types by 5% – in addition to any other card boosts.



Founder's Edition Cards

Unique Cards: 198Editions Size: 1 per card

These 198 IDs are the rarest of all Mintopoly! Cards. Each is a true NFT with an edition size of 1. They provide exceptionally high values (often 2x that of base cards). Plus, they provide a 35% discount on the cost to unlock the investment tier they represent (vs 25% for base cards). They can be from any of the categories listed below – and you know they're fancy because they are the only cards in #DarkMode...



Miner Upgrades

Unique Cards: 25Editions Size: 20 per card

Boost the performance of your mining rigs with upgrades like solar power, liquid cooling and more. The end result is more profit per block to jumpstart your earnings in the early stage of each round.

Miner Upgrade Cards »



Systems Administrators

Unique Cards: 25Editions Size: 30 per card

Someone's got to keep those validator nodes running, and these systems admins all have a 100% uptime record. They give you a 25% discount on unlocking the validator node investment tier and provide a % discount on each one purchased.

Systems Admin Cards »



Crystal Balls

Unique Cards: 25Editions Size: 25 per card

These crystal balls are just what your oracles need to provide the best data possible. They work so well that you'll earn more from every oracle you distribute. They also give you 25% discount on unlocking the oracle investment tier.

Crystal Ball Cards »




Unique Cards: 50Editions Size: 30 per card

Totally not inspired by any existing NFTs, these CoderPunks are like blockchain dev ninjas. They give you a 25% discount on unlocking the smart contract investment tier and make your code so much more efficient that you'll receive an earnings boost on all smart contracts purchased.

CoderPunk Cards »



Flash Loans

Unique Cards: 2Editions Size: 25 per card

The best way to make money with automated crypto trading is through flash loans where you can borrow millions with no collateral. These flash loans give you a 25% discount on unlocking the automated trading bot investment tier and boost their earnings by the % shown.

Flash Loan Cards »



Liquidity Pools

Unique Cards: 25Editions Size: 30 per card

Decentralized exchanges just don't work without liquidity providers. What better way to boost the efficiency and earnings of your DEX than with an upgraded liquidity pool? They give you a 25% discount on unlocking the decentralized exchange investment tier and boost your earnings of each DEX launched.

Liquidity Pool Cards »



Wall St. Bankers

Unique Cards: 50Editions Size: 30 per card

If you want to take over main street, you'll need some friends in high places. These high-power investment bankers will give you a 25% discount on unlocking the the centralized exchange [TIP – that's super OP] and reduce the cost of each one purchased by the amount show.

Wall St. Banker Cards »



Yield Farms

Unique Cards: 50Editions Size: 25 per card

In order to properly yield farm in the DeFi space, you've got to have some killer crops (I think that's how it works?). These fruit & veggie farms are just the thing. They'll multiply your staking pool rate by the amount shown. (i.e. if the base rate is .02%, a 20% card would result in a .024% rate).

Yield Farm Cards »



NFT Artwork

Unique Cards: 50Editions Size: 30 per card

In a world where people pay millions for JPGs, it helps to have some NFT artwork in your pocket! These masterpieces give you a large cash infusion to start the game. For reference ,₼0.001 is 20,000x the base starting value of of ₼0.00000008

NFT Artwork Cards »




Unique Cards: 50Editions Size: 25 per card

Write some Decentralized Applications (Dapps) and you can generate tons of passive income. For that reason, if you own one of these cards, you'll receive guaranteed income on every block. Note: They begin generating revenue from the block on which you make your first purchase, not necessarily block #1.

Dapps Cards »



Celebrity Evangelists

Unique Cards: 50Editions Size: 25 per card

A good celebrity endorsement can move the entire market upwards, that's why owners of these cards enjoy a % boost on their total net worth. (i.e. if you earn ₼0.1 per block with a 5% net worth boost, your net worth will grow by ₼0.105)

Celeb Evangelist Cards Cards »