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Moon? Simulator? Hard forking? Harvesting? Staking Pools? MM Tokens? NFT cards?
Mintopoly is an easy game to play, but a difficult one to master! If you'd like to learn how to play the game, top the charts, and establish your bases, dig deeper into the Mintoverse with these resources:




NFT Cards



Mintopoly NFTs

Mintopoly Cards are Ethereum based NFTs at the heart of Mintopoly. Each card provides unique gameplay boosts in the Simulator – by increasing earnings, providing extra starting capital, boosting total net worth, to name just a few! Not only that, but they can be staked on the Mintopoly Moon for increased production rates, exchange commissions and more.

The Mintopoly Moon is the home to unique land bases, which can be minted for free as an NFT on Polygon. These produce resources and serve as the foundation of the Mintoverse! Each base has a specific Mintopoly card that can be staked to it which boosts production output.

Mintopoly offers many ways to utilize it's in-game token, one of them includes directly purchasing cards from a set of special NFTs on Polygon. Click here to check out the cards we have available!


Mintopoly Money (MM) Token

Mintopoly Money (MM) is the Ethereum-based (ERC-20) cryptocurrency that forms the backbone of the Mintoverse. It has been bridged to Polygon to reduce fees and provide a smoother user experience. It has a capped supply of 100 million, with 75+ million airdropped to players of the game!


Here are some of the current & future uses of MM:

In Game Purchases

Use the token in-game to purchase resources on the exchange, buy keys for power-ups and even sabotages for other players.

NFT Card Purchases

Our smart contract provides for 4,000 additional, special-edition, Mintopoly NFTs which can be purchased exclusively with MM here.

Lunar Council

Our vision is to move torwards a community-driven future where token holders can help chart the course of the game's direction through staking their MM tokens.

Avatars & More

We'd love to incorporate an avatar system where you can buy, earn, and trade various cosmetic Mintoverse items to create your own unique Mintopoly character.

Mintopoly Development

When Mintopoly launched in the summer of 2021, it was unique in the crypto gaming industry for shipping a working game before ever introducing tokens or NFTs. We earned our player's trust by launching the free-to-play game that thousands were able to enjoy from day one. While we are thrilled with the progress so far, Mintopoly is just getting started! We've come a long way and developed an entire universe (the Mintoverse) where multiple games are working alongside each other and rely on one another to thrive.