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Mintopoly Moon

Mintopoly Moon is the next layer of the Mintoverse! This new game builds upon the success of our popular blockchain simulator which has been running strong for 40+ weeks and distributing our native $MM tokens to 2,500 players so far. Mintopoly Moon is a brand new land-based, resource-trading game featuring an initial colony of 7,000 NFT moon bases. Each base NFT can be claimed exclusively with in-game resources and zoned in one of nine ways to generate different types of resources. All resources can be sold or traded on the open exchange and are backed by the $MM tokens. Additionally, NFT Mintopoly Cards can be applied to plots to dramatically boost their resource generation!

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map to explore the 7,000 bases

3d low-poly renders for each zone type

NFT Mintopoly Cards

The NFT Mintopoly cards provide in-game boosts to rank higher and earn more tokens. On the moon, they multiply resources generated. We are committed to maximizing card value and utility on the simulator, moon, and beyond. Additionally, they are the primary revenue for development, allowing us to continue building utility. They're a win-win. Please explore the cards in our on-site "vending machine" –