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When Mintopoly! launched this summer, it was unique in the crypto gaming industry for shipping a working game before ever introducing tokens or NFTs. We earned our player's trust by launching the free-to-play game that thousands were able to enjoy from day one. While we are thrilled with the progress so far, Mintopoly! is just getting started. This roadmap shares what we have in store for the next 6-12 months.

The original vision of Mintopoly! introduced three crypto-based elements that work together in one ecosystem – the idle blockchain simulator game, the NFT Mintopoly! Cards, and the Mintopoly! Money token. Our roadmap is focused on improving each of these three elements while also building stronger infrastructure so that they can better interact with each other.

1. The Blockchain Simulator Game

The heart of Mintopoly! is the free-to-play idle crypto simulator game where players compete on the global leaderboard to achieve the highest net worth in each weekly round. This game also serves as the backbone of our ecosystem, providing token airdrops to players and enabling utility for the Mintopoly! Cards.

Interactive Gameplay Additions [Q4 2021 – 2022]

Currently, Mintopoly! players compete individually to achieve the highest score. This has proven very engaging, with over 12,000 players taking part so far. However, our biggest vision for the gameplay itself is to integrate more dynamic elements with three goals in mind:

  1. Adding an element of real-world randomness and variability that gives all users a chance at performing well.
  2. Creating opportunities for more dynamic decision making with greater risk and reward.
  3. Allowing for direct interaction and competition between users.

We are actively developing a number of new game features aimed at accomplishing these three goals and specific features will be revealed closer to their release.

The Mintopoly! Block Explorer [Q4 2021]

Later this year, we plan on introducing a “block explorer” like Etherscan for Mintopoly!'s simulated blockchain that will make all player actions for all rounds publicly visible to foster an even more open platform.

New Gameplay Elements Using Cards and Tokens [2022]

Our roadmap provides for 4,000 special edition NFT cards (see below) to be created exclusively for purchase with Mintopoly! Money tokens. These cards will have vastly different functions from the base cards. Our vision is to create all-new gameplay elements that use these cards, such as boost that can be used one time per round. Similarly, we plan on creating gameplay features that can be purchased in-game with the Mintopoly! Money tokens sometime in early 2022.

2. The NFT Mintopoly! Cards

Mintopoly! Cards are blockchain-based NFTs (technically, ERC1155 "Semi-Fungible" Tokens) at the heart of Mintopoly!. Each card provides unique gameplay boosts – increasing earnings or decreasing cost of a certain investment, providing extra starting capital, providing extra earnings per block, even boosting total net worth.

The smart contract provides for 12,000 base cards which are being released steadily at a rate of approximately 500-1000 per month until the entire supply of 12,000 has been released.

Introducing the 4,000 Special Edition Cards [Early 2022]

The Mintopoly! Cards smart contract provides for the creation of an additional 4,000 NFT cards which are designed to be purchased exclusively with Mintopoly! Money tokens that can be earned in-game. Because these cards are designed to have unique gameplay features, the first of these will be introduced alongside those features (described above) in early 2022.

Founder's Edition Card Rentals [Early 2022]

Mintopoly! features a collection of 198 1/1 NFT cards with significantly higher boost values (the “Founder’s Edition” cards). In early 2022, we expect to introduce the technology that will allow users to rent these cards from their owner with the Mintopoly! Money token on a single-round basis. This novel approach will provide the owners of Founder's cards with an opportunity to generate token revenue from their card ownership, and provide everyone with a chance to use these ultra-powerful cards.

3. The Mintopoly! Money "Tokenomics"

Mintopoly! Money is the ERC-20 utility token on Ethereum with a 100 million supply cap. For the first 50 weeks, 1 million tokens are being distributed to the top (~200) finishers of each round.

Approximate Initial Token Distribution (100 million total supply)

  • 50% – Distribution to players throughout the first 50 rounds
  • 15% – Team and Advisors
  • 15% – Development and Marketing
  • 10% – Reserves and Private Sales
  • 10% – Liquidity pool and liquidity incentives (see below)
  • [What about gameplay rewards beyond the first 50 rounds? They are likely to continue at a lower rate per round. As tokens are used for game purchases (such as NFT Cards or in-game transactions), these tokens are recycled back to the contract originator to be generally re-distributed as gameplay awards beyond the first 50 rounds.]

    Token Use Cases

    The token is designed to power multiple in-game functions, including:

  • Purchasing the 4,000 special edition NFT Mintopoly! Cards
  • Renting Founder's Edition cards on a per-round basis
  • Purchasing in-game actions such as single-use boosts for yourself or even "attacks" on other players
  • Governance. Eventually, having a vote in the future of Mintopoly! as it moves towards a more decentralized future.
  • Mintopoly! Vault [COMPLETE 9/21]

    [The vault is now live, please see https://mintopoly.io/banker for all the details]

    Our most immediate task regarding the Mintopoly! Money token is to integrate a custom vault where players can store their tokens in-game. This vault will be governed by a smart contract to act much like a bank, storing tokens for users within the game itself while giving the flexibility to deposit or withdraw to their ETH wallet for free (plus gas) at any time. This lays the foundation for a much more flexible future of in-game micro transactions with Mintopoly! Money – such as direct purchases of NFTs, Founder’s Edition card rentals, purchases of in-game boosts, and more. In addition, it allows us to distribute weekly token airdrops to players faster and with more flexibility (such as to the top 500 instead of 200). We expect this to be completed in September 2021. From round #8 onwards, all token distributions will be distributed within this vault and players can save their tokens there or withdraw to their wallet at any time.

    Liquidity Pool and Incentive Program [Q4 2021]

    While any token owner can create a liquidity pool a decentralized exchange at any time, we expect to take the lead on this front, establishing a liquidity pool on UniSwap in late 2021 or early 2022, as utility functions for the token begin to roll out.

    In addition, to support a deep and liquid exchange, we are likely to introduce an incentive program that will provide daily rewards of MM split across all liquidity providers. Details on this program will be provided closer to launch.