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Mintopoly Roadmap

When Mintopoly launched last summer, it was unique in the crypto gaming industry for shipping a working game before ever introducing tokens or NFTs. We earned our player's trust by launching the free-to-play game that thousands were able to enjoy from day one. While we are thrilled with the progress so far, Mintopoly is just getting started.This roadmap shares what we have in store for the next 6-12 months as we develop and further integrate the gameplay, the tokens, and the NFT Cards.

In-Game Token Uses (80%)

Our current focus is on further integrating the token into the game and the larger ecosystem. The first step towards this vision is to create in-game uses of the token:

  • [DONE] "Ticket" System – Creating the infrastructure so that players can buy "tickets" directly with the Polygon-baed MM tokens, which they can easily use in game on boosts, power-ups, rentals, and even sabotages on other players.
  • [IN PROGRESS] In-Game Ticket Boosts – While we have several in-game uses for the tickets, one of the first will likely be the ability to auto-stake for several thousand blocks.
  • Promo Card Rentals – Allowing players to use the above tickets to rent promo-level Mintopoly Cards on a pre-round basis.

Block Explorer (75%)

We’re continuing to develop a “block explorer” like Etherscan for Mintopoly’s simulated blockchain that will make all player actions for all rounds publicly visible to foster an even more open platform and provide extensive data to players. This has been launched at and we’ll continue adding new features and data regularly.

Special Edition NFT Card

Our roadmap provides for the creation of an additional 4,000 NFT cards which are designed to be purchased exclusively with Mintopoly Money tokens that can be earned in-game. These cards are designed to have unique gameplay features beyond the current cards. The first of these has been planned and is expected to be developed soon.

The Land-Based Mintoverse

Beyond our immediate goal of making the current simulator game as fun and engaging as possible, we have already begun to build out a much larger "Mintoverse" that will add further value to the Mintopoly Money token and NFT Mintopoly Cards. In this next phase, players will likely be able to mint virtual land that generates resources in a thriving Mintoverse where the 12,000 NFT cards may act as keys that unlock rewards on this land (such as farming tokens on agriculture land by applying a Yield Farm card). We expect to share much more regarding this next layer of Mintopoly in late Q2 2022.

Initial Refactor (100%)

After initial "version 1" lauch, our development team's first project was to undertake extensive refactoring, rebuilding, and redeployment of the entire game's codebase to a much more stable and robust framework that would pave the way for further devleopment.

Bridge MM Token to Polygon (100%)

[See for details on this project] Our most immediate task regarding the Mintopoly Money token is to integrate a custom vault where players can store their tokens in-game. This vault will be governed by a smart contract to act much like a bank, storing tokens for users within the game itself while giving the flexibility to deposit or withdraw to their ETH wallet for free (plus gas) at any time. This lays the foundation for a much more flexible future of in-game micro transactions with Mintopoly Money – such as direct purchases of NFTs, card rentals, purchases of in-game boosts, and more.

Website Refresh (100%)

A new front-end design refresh is being developed to improve graphics, designs and language so that new users can be better onboarded into the game.

Mintopoly News Network (100%)

The MNN is the first major addition to the game, providing "news events" that occur throughout each round to provide variability and dynamism. These random events can some or all users' staking balance, cash, investment cost, or investment earnings. This feature has been deployed and finishing touches are being applied. We're also planning to add new event types as time moves on.

Card Sales "Vending Machine" Dapp (100%)

While cards will remain on OpenSea, we’re introducing an in-house "vending machine" for self-service card purchases. This provides players with two key advantages. Firstly, gas fees will be considerably cheaper. Secondly, card packs will have an ~1% chance of receiving an ultra-rare founder’s edition card. This dapp + smart contract is finished and in testing before release.

Back-End Refactor (100%)

One of our primary tasks at the moment is to rebuild some of the back-end logic and patch up any bugs to make the game more robust and modular so that new features can be added more quickly as they are developed. In addition, we’re building stronger admin tools to improve game management.